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Sword and Shield

We will have a little QR code on buildcards now. It's too smol to scan with mobile device but it will let you to restore the build from buildcard when someone threw it in discord chat or made an album. You can 'restore' the build using Build Detector in Web version. Too early to celebrate, but I've just found Shield-weaver set bonus in English PC translation files, added in one patch before last one I just didn't notice it being added in the middle of March.

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New title. OfflineReply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 1 Like on Twitter Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 1 Like on Twitter 9.So now that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has been out for quite a while and more new people has been introduced to the series, I decided to make this SnS guide for Gen and GU, for those new people who wish to try this weapon out in those games.

Sword and Shield is a weapon that has high mobility and attack speed, and it also also has a shield which allows you to block attacks obviously. It's attacks and moves are generally low in motion value, but SnS has another way of dealing good damage.

SnS has pretty quick attacks, meaning it can make very good use of Elements or Status. Take advantage of a monster's Elemental weakness to deal damage or use Status to paralyze, sleep, or poison the monster as much as possible.

It's the only weapon that is able to use items while unsheathed, which is nice for using items much quicker. The shield of SnS has the weakest guard out of all the other guarding weapons so you shouldn't rely on guarding with SnS as if you were to be a Lance or Gunlance user. It's mobile enough to rely on dodging instead. It would be better off to use the shield as an emergency kind of thing.

With SnS you can chain together many different combos and attacks, but if you are looking for how to deal high damage then there is a particular combo that you should use which is:.

Blade Oils are new items introduced in Gen that only SnS can use. There are four different Oils and you can bring up to 5 of each oil with you in your pouch. Oils can give your SnS certain buffs or effects when you use them. Stamina Oil- Your sword attacks will deal exhaust damage to exhaust monsters quicker. You also deal KO damage when you hit a monster's head, which means you can potentially KO it if you hit it enough times.

Mind's Eye Oil- It works the same as the armor skill. Your attacks won't bounce when hitting a hard part of a monster. Guild Style- It's a style you cant go wrong with. You can use all of the weapon's moves and have two Hunter Arts. Striker Style- Arguably the best style for SnS, depending on the quest or monster. The only move you can't use is the back hop attack you do by pressing A while pulling back your Circle Pad after an attack. You don't loose the weapon's most damaging combo and you are able to use three Hunter Arts.

SnS has some pretty good weapon-specific Hunter Arts which is why Striker is a great style for this weapon. You slash the monster on the way up when jumping on a monster, and then you can follow up with another slash on the way down. The bad thing about Aerial SnS is that you are unable to do the weapon's most damaging combo, which screws it over quite a lot.

Adept Style- This style suffers the same thing as Aerial style, you loose the strong combo in this style as well.Hello, Hunters! This is a short and simple guide about your weapon, armor, and gear progression at various stages in Monster Hunter World.

Check this out!!! There is almost no point collecting these.

Iceborne Sword and Shield Builds - Raw, Elemental & Blast - Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Simply spend a little more upgrade stones on the recommended set below. Why this set? Blast or Paralysis is OK too. This build has a lot going for it. Remember you get a free Attack Boost jewel.

Most weapons with empty space on the sharpness bar can be improved to white with Handicraft 5. There are many ways to get Handicraft 5. So for now here are your options. Weapons with excellent Blue Sharpness levelsbut cannot upgrade to white Nergi, most Barroth, most Jagras… or weapons with natural full white do not need Handicraft 5 at all. So we look for DPS elsewhere.

If your stamina is full often mostly depends on weapon type — you can use the awesome Maximum Might! If your build cannot utilize Maximum Might due to your weapon using high stamina — you can use something like this.

Pure stats! These finely tuned builds are what I would consider end-game. But in this game im seeing skill Fire Resistant instead of Weakness Exploit. Did they change skill recently or what? I know this post is a little old but some of the skills for the gear recommended is not matching up in game. Are they upgraded versions from the normal sets or do they appear as new craftable items down the list eventually? The low-rank armor does not evolve into the high rank ones.

You will unlock high rank armor after the 6 Pukei-Pukei hunt I believe. I know this is a couple months old, but for the low rank armor set, the bone chest plate only gives attack boost 1, not 2.

Support Us! Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Team BRG. Share on Facebook. First off — two important notes: This set can bring anyone all the way to High Rank.

Read more below. Why is low rank armor useless? What's so good about this set? Speed Sharpening helps with piss poor early Sharpness. Fortify carries you during the learning process, and helps salvage otherwise failed hunts. Weakness Exploit is the best skill in the game, and you can get 1 point off of a Kulu helmet!Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

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Store Page. Global Achievements. I fell that not that many people use the weapon. Has the weapon been nerfed since the last monster Hunter?

best sns mhw

Is just that the short rage is hurting the weapon with ther new monster hitzones? Showing 1 - 15 of 55 comments. Originally posted by Neon Archon :. Tregrenos View Profile View Posts. From there, the percentage starts dropping drastically.

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It generally comes down to personal preference. HH is actually one of the strongest weapons in the game but because it doesn't feel like it is most players don't take to it. Last edited by ArtificialCutie ; 1 Apr, am. Basically, Charge blade is SnS with more damage.

In this game, people love damage. Sure it can't do the stuns, or jump attack or use items. But CB had explosions, lotsa explosions. I myself thought about maining SnS in mhw but choose CB instead. Also, DB is for people who love swords and don't like shields. And great sword is for people who love swords, want them big and dislike ninjas. Anyone know what rank they have on the list? Nivran View Profile View Posts. SnS can be flashy too Originally posted by I Ran away :.At first glance, the Sword and Shield appears to be outclassed on every front.

Dual Blades have more mobility, Lances can tank better, and Long Swords can deal more damage. But the beauty of the Sword and Shield lies in its ability to do all of the above. Thanks to its mobility, the speed of its attacks, and some buffs from Iceborne, the Sword and Shield can be used as either a raw or elemental weapon.

With that in mind, knowing which swords you should be using can be a difficult task. This list will show you the top 5 best Sword and Shields for each element and then the best raw Sword and Shield. An album for these builds can be found here. The Manifested Lotus takes the spot for our best dragon elemented Sword and Shield. Once that change happens, the best weapons to run will be weapons like Manifested Lotus which have high raw and some element.

Alternatively, you could also run Manifested Lotus without its Dragon element, and just use it as a raw weapon until you get the Safi weapons you want.

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The Legendary Bang takes the spot for our best Thunder weapon. Unlike the Shara weapon though, for the Legendary Bang, you want to run True Critical Element to capitalize on your elemental damage and high affinity. Luckily with this weapon, you can also get to purple sharpness with just 1 level of Handicraft.

Each level afterward adds 10 more hits of purple sharpness, which can add a little bit more comfort to your hunts.

However, I would recommend building in Protective Polish so you can get the most out of your purple sharpness. The Laguna Blossom II is the best water Sword and Shield since it has a decent chunk of water element to it and solid raw. Just like with the Legendary Bang, Protective Polish is also recommended for you to make the most out of your purple sharpness.

Since this is a rarity 10 weapon, you have access to custom upgrades which can bring you up to water element.

MHW Build Iceborne – Sword and Shield Build Guide

Nephilim Glacia is made from Velkhana and Legiana parts. Just like with the previous two weapons, this weapon can hit purple sharpness with Handicraft. However, the Nephilim Glacia requires 2 levels in order to reach 10 hits of purple sharpness. Builds for this weapon will use True Critical Element to capitalize on the Ice element and high affinity.

Protective Polish is slotted in to keep purple sharpness around for as long as possible. The Platinum Dawn renamed from the Shining Wyvern Blade is an amazing weapon because it has great affinity, serviceable sharpness, and a workable amount of fire element. Its element seems a bit low, but this weapon makes up for it through higher raw.

Just like with the other weapons, you want to use True Critical Element, Handicraft 4 for purple sharpness, and protective polish. Handicraft 4 in this scenario will get you 20 hits of purple sharpness, which is a little bit more comfortable than the previous weapons who usually run only 10 hits of purple sharpness with the bare minimum of handicraft.

No surprises here, but the Gold Rathian Sword and shield takes the award for the best raw damage. You can also build in Agitator, Peak Performance, and a health augment in order to further boost your damage. I hope you learned about which weapons you should be using on the Sword and Shield or in the least, which weapons to try out. Once it does, the Sword and Shield is going to switch from being an elemental heavy weapon to being a raw focused weapon thanks to the Perfect Rush motion value buffs.

Blast is considered the best out of those options since it's easier to activate than poison is. If you want to read more about these builds and see some of the math behind the changes, then please visit this album.

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best sns mhw

Includes recommended builds, equipment, decorations, and skills. The monsters themselves do not pose as much danger so the risk factor is low as well.

You don't need to be in Master Rank to farm for Jewels. This build specifically targets skills that can boost damage by players when out hunting. Relatively, most of the jewels and skills used here are a must for any DPS players. Though, with high focus on DPS, this build is lacking on defense and survivability.

With survivability in mind, this build raises the amount of recovery hunters can have during battle. Slot in a resistance jewel specifically for the monster you are hunting to lessen your elemental damage.

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Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Earplugs isn't a survivability skill, only quality of life. Whereas health boost and resistances should be mandatory, the rest can go into damage. Mainly affinity and crit boost as it scales with the attack value whereas attack boost just gives a fix amount of attack.

Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. What happened to light and heavy bowguns? Read on.

MHW Iceborne Weapons Guide – Best Sword and Shield [Iceborne Best SnS 2020]

Article Menu. Top Page Iceborne Latest News.When it comes to successfully slaying the creatures of Monster Hunter: Worldpreparation is key.

These decisions might not seem all that important to begin with, but your loadout will become much more important after you defeat the final monster and unlock the wealth of extra content in the end game.

Try to think of them as a template that highlights a specific niche role or strength that you can take advantage of when playing with your own weapon of choice. The Sword and Shield commonly referred to as the SnS paints itself as a fairly vanilla weapon, but the reality is that this mundane looking combo brings a fairly powerful niche to the monster slaying table.

The SnS is also the only weapon that allows you to use consumables while having your weapon drawn, so there are a few popular builds that take advantage of this combined with the Wide Range skill to run a team-wide support build for multiplayer sessions.

Thanks to the maxed out Wide Range and Speed Eating skills, with this setup we can hope to achieve a fairly effective build that revolves around using consumables to help buff and heal you and your team members, keeping everyone healthy and in the fight for as long as possible. This build also boasts a decent chance to apply paralysis to monsters too thanks to the Free Elem skill from the chest and legs, which is then also boosted by the Immobilize charm.

The meaty blade of the Monster Hunter series, Greatswords are slow but powerful with their large sweeping strikes and long windup attacks. Many people prefer to focus on dealing damage over anything else with this behemoth of a blade, which is understandable given how much damage each strike can dish out, and with a little tweaking those numbers can easily be pushed above and beyond standard limits.

The overall gist of this set is all about dishing out high numbers consistently, which is why we see boosts to critical damage here and there. We also see some quality of life improvements with the aid of Speed Eating and Sheath, since time spent healing is time you could be spending hitting the monster. Sitting somewhere between the rapid speed of the Dual Blades and the long windups of the Greatsword, the Longsword predominantly serves as a damage dealing weapon with a reliable attack pattern causing a moderate amount of damage.

Along with the typical focus on cranking up the numbers when it comes to damage output, the Longsword is great for getting those important tail slices, and as such is usually expected to focus on the back end of most monsters where possible. Thanks to the Nergigante set bonus, you also get Hasten Recovery which will help to keep your health topped up as your continue to attack your enemy. The aim of the game for Lance users is almost always focused on defense.

We also get the important Uragaan set bonus Guard Up, which allows you to to block unblockable attacks. The Gunlance tows the line between damage and defense, often allowing for some impressive feats for those willing to wrap their head around its complex system of blasts and shells.

Not only does this give you both set bonuses from the Odogaron armor, helping to extend sharpness while also giving you stun on the first attack after unsheathing, this set also works to amplify the poison attributes of the Royal Burst Rathalos weapon. The important thing to understand about IG is that it is one of the most modular and flexible weapons out there, offering you a number of mix and match combinations between the glaive and the kinsect to help you pair specific elements and statuses to great effect.

best sns mhw

Here we see a fairly basic build that centres on the Odogaron bonuses that help keep your sharpness up. My current weapon of choice, the Dual Blades are versatile and can be modified to fit a couple of specific but significant roles.

Thanks to their incredibly fast attack speed, Dual Blades are ideal candidates for applying status effects to monsters. Since Dual Blades hit quite regularly, maintaining your sharpness is key. Thankfully this set generates an innate Handicraft skill of five without the aid of any extra decorations. The other significant bonus about this setup is that you unlock the Critical Element skill from the Rathalos armor set, which will augment your elemental damage whenever you land a critical hit.

Since the goal of this build is to apply and ramp up elemental attacks, the ideal decorations to fill those empty slots would be things like an Expert or Critical Boost Jewel which will only serve to amplify those critical damage spikes. These cumbersome mallets may not hit as hard as their similarly large counterparts, but they serve an important role when it comes to locking down large monsters. Since hammers deal blunt damage, they possess the unique ability to cause the stun effect when attacking a monsters head, which can help you keep it in place for extended periods.

The focus with this setup is to maximize raw attack damage the damage you do with the help of Agitator, increasing your damage when enemies enrage, on top of the extra damage from the Attack Boost skill too. In an ideal world you would want to slot in an Elementless Jewel 2 into the Diablos hammer too, but the base set will perform modestly until you manage to unearth one.

If you find that monster roars are getting in the way of your assault then it could also be worthwhile to sacrifice some damage or utility in favor of an Earplugs Jewel 3 slotted into either the helmet or chest.

It comes with a number of gauges and functions, allowing you to store damage and unleash it at will, while also offering a number of technical abilities like point guards with the shield and the devastating Super Amped Elemental Discharge. With that said, this gear offers some great boosts to the Attack and Weakness Exploit skills, which will help you make the most of the those large SAED strikes.

The Switch Axe is another morphing weapon that can be altered at will to change your playstyle for the situation at hand. Here we see an innate maximized level five Handicraft skill, combined with the a few levels of Weakness Exploit, Attack up and Stamina Surge. We also get a couple of levels in the Agitator skill, which will help to bump up your damage slightly whenever a monster enrages, which happens quite frequently when hunting higher-tier monsters. Probably the most common of the ranged weapons, the Bow allows for high mobility and middling damage at the expense of fire rate.

If the Light and Heavy bowguns sit at either ends of the spectrum when it comes to damage versus speed, then the bow sits somewhere in the middle. In Monster Hunter: World bows can fulfil a number of roles, and it will ultimately depend on whether or not you want to focus on dishing out damage or doing something more technical and precise by applying statuses or aiming for hard to reach breakable areas like horns.

The biggest debate surrounding Bows right now centers on whether or not you should maximize Focus, a skill which reduces charge times.